Emergency Boarding & Glazing – Who To Call?

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Top Tips When Looking For An Emergency Glazier

When you require an emergency glazier it is not normally under the best of circumstances. You want to find a fast and reliable service to board up a window or door that doesn’t break the bank. Emergency glaziers are always on hand to make safe your window and available to help:

  • Following a break in
  • Shopfront vandalism
  • Accidental damage to your property
  • Fire damage
  • And much more

Normally when an emergency glazier is required you may not have much time to look around and do your research. 5 key points to look out for are:

1. Local to you

Finding a glazier that is not too far away or a company that has glaziers who work in your area, is always good so you know you will not be paying through the nose for a company that is based in a completely different area. Find a local glazier.

2. Good reviews

If you get the chance its always goods to do a quick search to make sure you are choosing a reputable company. If you type in the company’s name in google it should bring you up genuine reviews on the right hand side from previous customers. Make note of the dates to make sure these reviews are recent and relevant to your enquiry.

3. Price

Don’t be shy. Its always nice to get a rough idea of what your going to be paying upfront. If you have any approximates sizes, photos or anything to assist with getting an accurate price, 9 times out of 10 a glazier will be able to give you a price over the phone for the service you require.

4. Fast Response

How quickly can they get to you? See if they can give you an idea of lead time over the phone. Most company’s would tend to give you a rough time slot as opposed to an exact time as lets be honest, no one can predict London traffic! They would factor in where the glazier is coming from and the time of day.

5. Reliable

This goes hand in hand with the good reviews. We know when looking for an emergency number you do not always have time to read pages of reviews however have a quick look or save a good reliable glaziers number for future use as you never know when you might need it.

Be Prepared To Pay More In An Emergency

Unfortunately in an emergency you do tend to pay more for the service required as it is often a quick response time, normally tending to be out of normal working hours where rates are usually higher. You can always check with your insurance company first in case they are able to provide this service however it is normally a case of you sourcing it yourself, paying for it and then claiming back through your insurance company, always get a receipt.

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