Secondary Glazing For Residential & Commercial Properties

secondary glazing

Secondary glazing is a great way to help reduce noise in the business or home environment. The process includes fitting a slimline aluminium window in front of your existing window and has many benefits which include noise reduction and heat loss prevention. At Aaran Glass we offer a range of different styles suitable for different shaped windows.

With glaziers located throughout London, Greater London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Surrey, Kent and Surrounding areas, we are able to visit your property to provide you with a free estimate for your glazing needs.

Its benefits
  • Reduce noise from the outside eg. building works, road traffic, noisy neighbours, classrooms etc
  • Different glazing options available
  • The option of acoustic laminated glass is available to help reduce external noise
  • Helps to eliminate drafts
  • Reduces heating costs
  • An added security for peace of mind
  • Can be used as a barrier to protect stained windows
  • Is also ideal for conservation areas for an array of different window shapes and sizes.
Popular options

Popular types of secondary glazing most commonly used are; vertical sliders, horizontal sliders, and hinged secondary glazing.

Our experienced glaziers can work with your requirements and needs in order to supply and fit what works for your business or home. Residential and commercial sectors catered for.

For more information or to arrange a free no obligation quotation, call us on 0800 7408163.


secondary glazing