Scratched Glass Repair

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Scratched Window? Window covered in graffiti?

When you have a scratched window getting the glass replaced is normally the first thought, and potentially a costly one at that. But did you know you are able to remove scratches and graffiti from glass without replacing the whole pane*

From hairline scratches that you can see but can barely be felt, to deep scratches within the glass, to graffiti and much more, glass scratch removal specialists are out there! And they work for both the residential and commercial sector.

What type of glass can scratches be removed from?
  • Scratched Shopfront Glass
  • Scratched Window Glass 
  • Scratched Door Glass
  • Scratched Restaurant Glass
  • Scratched Roof Panes
  • Scratched Curtain Walling
  • Scratched Balustrade Glass
  • Scratch Graffiti Repair
  • Acid Etched Graffiti on Glass
  • Concrete Splashes on Glass
  • And much more

Things to consider when looking at the damage:

Its always good to be armed with information before you start ringing round for quotes. A few things to consider when inspecting the damage:

  • Is the damage on the inside or outside of the glass?
  • Is the scratch 20mm in from the edge of the glass, or at least 50mm if near a corner?
  • Is the area easily accessible, for example ground floor or up high?
  • Be armed with this information when calling a specialist to get a price.

Another idea is to get a photo of the affected area and approximate dimensions so it is easier to be given a rough indication of cost from the photos.

How does it work?

Glass Polishing..

In summary the scratches are polished out of the glass.

A specialist uses a series of abrasive discs to grind out the glass defect.

This removes very thin layers of glass until the scratch disappears.

The glass is then polished with a softer pad and a compound to finish.

It is best to get this service carried out by a trained professional.

When can it be done?

Glass polishing specialists can work both in and out of hours. The main requirement for most jobs would be having access to power for the hand tools used on the job. 

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