The Best Cat Flap

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Cat Flaps In Glass Windows & Doors – The Best Cat Flap

With a range of different cat flaps available it is easy to get a bit confused with finding the right one to suit you and your cat! We have selected our favorite few to help you decide.

Microchipped Cat Flaps

Sureflap Cat Flap

sureflap catflap

Our preferred microchipped catflap is the sureflap cat flap. Easy to use you literally program your cats microchip at the touch of a button which is then stored.The catflap will then open for your cat as it approaches, ideal for keeping unwanted wildlife out.


  • Selective entry
  • Can store up to 32 pet identities in memory
  • Manual locking
  • Works with all common identification microchips
  • Can be installed into doors/ walls or glass
  • Can be installed into glass with the use of the sureflap mounting adaptor

Sureflap Pet Door Cat Flap

sureflap pet door

Basically the next size up! This is larger than the sureflap cat flap designed with big cats/ small dogs in mind, plus you can also set a curfew. As well as all the same other features as the sureflap cat flap.

Sureflap Dual Scan Cat Flap

sureflap dual scan

Aimed at households with more than one cat, you’re able to choose who is allowed in and who is allowed out. As well as all the same features as the cat flap and pet door.

To see the full range of sureflap cat flaps on offer with all technical information please click here.

We are a recommended installer of sureflap products but this is not why we choose them as our preferred microchipped cat flaps. We choose them as they are durable, easy to use, easy to install and generally preferred cat flap by our clients.

Standard 4 Way Locking Cat Flaps

Petsafe Manual Cat Flap

petsafe catflap

Easy to install and economical due to its design. Since petsafe discontinued their delux 4 way locking catflap they have bought out a newer version. Slightly more expensive than their last but we have had no complaints!


  • Adjustable 4 way lock; Fully locked, fully unlocked, In only, Out only
  • Installed into wood, plastic, brick, metal and glass
  • Energy efficient
  • Installation adapter available for glass installation

Thin Profile Cat Flaps

Pet Tek Glass Fitting Cat Flap

pet tek catflap

Most commonly used in patio sliding doors, this slimline cat flap is suitable for large cats/ small dogs. It is ideal for sliding doors where you do not want the cat flap to protrude allowing the door to slide past seamlessly. Unlike most cat flaps where you would only be able to slide to door to the cat flap and not over it.


  • Slimline sleek look
  • 4 way locking system
  • Self closing flap
  • Professional design
  • Fits glass panels up to 28mm
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Simple to install

Magnetic Cat Flaps

Petsafe Staywell Magnetic Cat Flap

petsafe magnetic catflap

If your cat is not microchipped and is used to wearing a collar, then the magnetic cat flap will suit you. It still gives your cat the freedom to come and go as they please, as well as keeping unwanted cats out. Easy to use, comes with a magnetic collar key. Not as popular as microchipped cat flaps nowadays as most cats are chipped but is a cheaper alternative.


  • For pets up to 7kg
  • Comes with magnetic collar key
  • Suitable for installation in most windows, doors and walls up to 5cm thick
  • 4 way locking system

To find about more about how we can install a catflap in your glass window or glass door click here.


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